About me

I am originally from Orange County, California but I have been living in San Francisco since 2005.

I graduated from a 4 year doctorate program at Palmer West Chiropractic School in San Jose, CA in 2012 with a specialty in rehabilitation, orthopedic sports medicine and physiotherapy and own my own private practice out of Motus Clinic in San Francisco, California. 

I have been a ClinicalAthlete provider since 2015.

I have been climbing since 1999 and I am former National Bouldering Champion and Teva Games gold medalist (now GoPro Mountain Games/IFSC World Cup stop). I have bouldered multiple V10’s and V11’s and climbed 5.13d/14a outdoors.

I’m also a nationally competitive powerlifter in the 67.5 kg and 75 kg weight class with an elite total. My best squat is 315, bench press 180, deadlift 380.

Helping my clients recover from injury and showing them how to train smarter is my passion.

I am here to help!

My story

In 2005 I was Bouldering National Champion and Teva Games (now known as the GoPro Mountain Games/IFSC Vail World Cup) gold medalist.

That same year, just at the peak of my competitive climbing career, I suffered a devastating finger injury and couldn’t climb for 6+ months. 3 years later I injured both of my shoulders and recovery was slow and frustrating.

Depressed would be an understatement. My entire identity was wrapped around climbing. I was frustrated by the lack of good information available on how to resolve climbing related injuries. Doctors didn't seem to understand climbing at all. So, I decided to go to school to learn how to deal with these injuries myself!

I eventually recovered with some education and proper rehab and later went on to climb multiple V10 and V11's and red-point 5.13d/14a.

Through the process of figuring out how to fix my own injuries, I discovered barbell strength training and was blown away by the results I got by just making my body stronger. Teaching my clients how to get stronger has now become a large component of my rehab practice.

I started my private practice specifically to help climbers recover from injury. I know how frustrating and depressing it can be to be faced with an injury and be told by doctors to stop climbing or doing the activities you love.

I don’t just work with climbers though! I also work with powerlifters, crossfitters, weightlifters, runners, and more!

I’d love the opportunity to help you too!