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My Mission

My mission is to help educate you on pain, injury and smart training strategies. I want empower you to take control of your rehab and training process and help you become a more resilient human!

I don't “fix” people, I help guide them towards recovery through education, movement and appropriately dosed training!

Who am I?

I am Dr. Natasha Barnes.

I help climbers like you develop actionable strategies around training and climbing related injuries so that you can get back on the wall, train smart, and climb to your full potential!


“Natasha’s work is ultimately bringing up the overall quality of medicine that we as a community can expect.”




“Natasha completely rewired how I think about injury: I now recognize that one must engage in an active rehab program and focus on healing AND gaining strength simultaneously to promote recovery. I have learned so much about self-treatment and have gained holistic knowledge rather than one-time relief. I am so grateful to Natasha - we are so lucky to have her in our community.”


“Truly incredible work and education by Dr. Barnes! I was told by three different MD's after 2 different MRI's that I would need surgery for a traumatic climbing-related knee injury. 5 weeks later I am working up to 1.5x body weighted deadlifts and squats- and feeling mentally and physically revitalized. Natasha's work is ultimately bringing up the overall quality of medicine that we as a community can expect - and rests on a foundation of functional medicine that doesn't require you to sit around and wait for your surgery date.


“Natasha is a level above the rest. Her years as a professional athlete and her deep desire to understand functional body mechanics place her right at the cutting edge of the industry. Her approach is decisive, highly effective and educational.



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