I specialize in helping climbers and barbell athletes recover from injury and become better athletes.

Here's just a small sampling of the athletes that I have helped recently: 


simon, climber, coach, mountain guide

"Natasha is a level above the rest. Her years as a professional athlete and her deep desire to understand functional body mechanics place her right at the cutting edge of the industry. 

Her approach is decisive, highly effective and educational. She uses numerous techniques including active release and myofacial work along with classic chiropractic adjustments. The combination of soft tissue work and realignment with an appropriate self-mobilization and strengthening plan is a life-changer. 

**As an athlete (rock and alpine climber) I have been working with Natasha for more than half a decade. In this time she has transformed my posture, corrected a number of functional issue with my climbing and swiftly rehabbed me through numerous injuries including a full rupture of my pectoralis major.

***As a professional coach and trainer I regularly refer my clients directly to Natasha during our initial assessment..... The response is always the same; 

'Wow, she really is that good.'"


Clara, Climber

"Truly incredible work and education by Dr. Barnes! I was told by three different MD's after 2 different MRI's that I would need surgery for a traumatic climbing-related knee injury. 5 weeks later I am working up to 1.5x body weighted deadlifts and squats- and feeling mentally and physically revitalized. Natasha's work is ultimately bringing up the overall quality of medicine that we as a community can expect - and rests on a foundation of functional medicine that doesn't require you to sit around and wait for your surgery date. 

I feel so lucky to have the knowledge that Natasha has passed along about my overall mobility/bio-mechanics. She is attentive, compassionate, and is evidence-based practice focused! Not only is this recovery flying by- but I look forward to doing my PT throughout the week almost as much as I do getting back to training."



Kevin, Powerlifter, crossfitter

"Been trying to rehab a damaged meniscus for months without success. On the first session with Natasha, she had me squatting with weight and corrected my form. Fast forward to a couple weeks later, my knee feels good and I'm very close to my previous maxes.

Natasha also took the time to program for me, check my form on video and give me feedback on every single session. 

6 out of 5 stars"



Nick, Climber

"As an avid rock climber, Natasha has shown me the importance of taking care of and preventing injuries - and I'm a better, more healthy climber for it. 

I first saw her due to a shoulder injury and she has been extremely helpful. Not only does Natasha do a great job as a chiropractor, but she takes the time to help me understand the anatomy and what exactly is happening underneath the skin. 

Although my shoulder is feeling better and I'm on a regular rehab schedule, I've committed to seeing Natasha to ensure I stay injury-free. She provides a great atmosphere and I owe her a lot!"


Nikki, Crossfitter and crossfit coach

"I'm 34 and have been CrossFitting for about 3.5 years. As someone who demands a lot of my body, recovery and maintenance are essential.

I've seen Dr. Natasha over the past couple of years for work on my shoulder, hip, back, and general body maintenance. Her practice goes far beyond the traditional adjustments of Chiropractic work. She is an expert in her field, and is constantly learning new techniques from cupping to Graston and A.R.T., taking her skills to the next level.

As a competitive climber and powerlifter, Natasha understands movement, training at an intense level and working through injury. 

Natasha is proficient in diagnosing the cause of an issue, explaining what's going on and why, then prescribing 'homework,' involving the patient/athlete in their recovery process.

I trust Natasha implicitly and have referred numerous clients and friends to her. I truly cannot say enough good things about this woman, and believe that she has the skills to fix most anything."