Helping climbers and barbell athletes recover from injury and become better athletes with solutions-focused, science-based rehab. 

"Natasha is a level above the rest. Her years as a professional athlete and her deep desire to understand functional body mechanics place her right at the cutting edge of the industry."
- Simon, climbing coach and mountain guide

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Natasha’s work is ultimately bringing up the overall quality of medicine that we as a community can expect - and rests on a foundation of functional medicine that doesn’t require you to sit around and wait for your surgery date.
- Clara 


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Natasha's approach to injury rehabilitation through strength training is refreshing, unique, and backed with clear evidence-based research.

- Audrey

3 ways to work with natasha

In person at Motus Clinic

Sports Medicine, rehab and strength training in person at Motus Clinic in San Francisco, California. Whether it's a sports related injury, post-surgical rehab, or anything in between, I can help you.  

Remote consultations

Remote consultations are available to help you understand and manage your injuries and training appropriately so you can return to doing what you love as safely and efficiently as possible.

Online training & Coaching

Online coaching for climbing performance. Climbing, hangboard protocols, foundational strength training, technique drills, mobility drills (if needed) and injury reduction strategies.   


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Frequently asked questions

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